Serious success!

Today I had another great yoga session with Denis!

I really love Denis’s attitude towards yoga (for me just doing what I can) and myself as a brain injury survivor, he is so good at putting you at ease and just making you feel comfortable. He knows I like to push myself so he encourages me too!

I just think he’s brilliant! Today we both got a shock! Not only did I manage to to stand – against the wall and by myself – for the whole session, COMFORTABLY (and the word comfortably is important, cause it is bad to put the incorrect kind of pressure on your body for long periods, especially when you’re recovering from injury!)

But not only did I manage to be standing myself the whole time, we did a kind of down ward dog on the plinth (just standing doing the downward dog move from the hips down onto the plinth) and also I managed to ‘reach for the stars’ with both arms! (My affected arm assisted by the lovely Sarah!)