Then and now. (Now and now)

BIM gave us a task to complete for Belfast Exposed photography

We had to take photographs:

‘Select images that represent and describe you.’ These were mine and a small description:

1. The blank canvas represents the future is mine to create

Art stuff represents a hobby that came back from brain injury. I used to like to paint but now I love it as a way to develop my skills that were weakened by brain injury and a super way to express myself now.

2. I always liked the gym and exercise:

Physio is something I need to include in my everyday life now after brain injury weaken the skills I could do so well and where quite ‘natural’ to me, like walking, balance and the ability to use both hands.

3. Make up. I always loved make up from I was about 12 or 13. I still love it but the brain injury made me have to ‘second guess’ a skill I knew so well. So i am recreating my passion for it.

4. Brain injury is invisible. The only visible thing it gave to me was the need for glasses. My eyeball dropped slightly in my head. Again invisible from the outside luckily.

5. Things I enjoy. I enjoy my time to relax and unwind. I think before the brain injury hit me and literally knocked me off my feet. I was guilty of going ‘100 miles an hour’ and trying to squeeze a lot in to the day.

6. I have enjoyed cooking for many years. My lack of movement/hand function made me dislike it as I felt the lack of ease made it less enjoyable and more like a chore. I had never felt like this about cooking. More support and tools and recipes have helped me get the enjoyment back.

So these are six photos I have chosen to represent ‘then and now’. But if I really sat down the list is endless.

But I need to remember the important word. YET.

I can’t do it.

I can’t do it YET.