Photography project

Brain injury matters are working with Belfast Exposed photography creating an exhibition.

The group have been tasked to take some photos to show ‘my life now’. Mine are below: I think you can tell I’m still the same person with the same interests and passions just my body needs more work to function.

1. I always liked exercise but now I need to ensure I do daily exercise to support my physio.
2, I always liked art but now I have a real passion for painting. It allows me to work on my dexterity.
3. I have always loved make up. This was another passion I kind of loss through brain injury taking away some motor skills but it is also slowly returning.
4. This was a teddy I had as a child wearing the glasses I got from the brain injury. This is representing how brain injury brought out the child like things I detest like being so dependent on people and not able to do as much alone.
Bit of fun. I love a Baileys coffee. I just love coffee and the caffeine is probably more essential now than I would like to admit.
5. Wheelchair: just represents the hateful reliability.
6. As an adult I have always loved to cook. The brain injury challenged me to create new ways to make it easier with 1 working hand. Here is a photo to illustrate my cooking now, not just as ‘free’ but I would say planned and neater.

They are my photos I have chosen to represent ‘my life now’