Greeting Floors

I don’t want you all to think I make out this recovery journey is easy, fun all the time or straight forward…this is a photo of my wee face this morning with no make up on. I fell on my face yesterday, lucky for me nothing was badly bruised or broken, just a tiny bit of swelling and bleeding. I lost my balance, trying to move of the sofa. I’m just putting this out there to show my recovery is not perfect, we all make mistakes and get things wrong. But don’t let this knock your confidence for long. If you made a mistake learn from it but don’t stop trying things safely. Yes I’ll obviously try things a lot more safely but I’ll not stop trying full stop. It’s like that saying you hear as a little girl – you’ll kiss many frogs before you meet your prince! For me I have my Prince ❤️ but I’ll greet many floors before I get my balance!

The point this blog is to highlight we all make mistakes but the important thing is that we learn from them.