Important points

I was at with her majesty Queen of physio! Delighted to get to go here! This is this week’s video! I’ve got new homework, as well as always try to keep my pelvis forward in sitting I’ve got to try and keep my hips in line or slightly forward in standing/walking. Straightness is the key. Not too far forward or too far back!

My body has sometimes got me into a bad habit of pushing me back! (Need to get out of this habit as I don’t want to end up flat on my back on the floor, no matter how lovely and clean the floor is!)

Here’s this week’s video. It’s okay but I felt kind of tired this week so I think that kind of effected me.

Brings us back to the point I’ve said so many times but is harder to actually do than you/I think. Sleep sleep SLEEP. So just awake from a wee half hour kip!