Need a specialist chair?

You could try this shop/showroom in newtownabbey! You can pick from a large selection of chairs/sofas and try them until you find your right fit!

The staff have all been trained by ot skilled individuals so they have an idea of the requirements that you may need.

Today I had a very positive, armchair purchasing experience!

As I’m a tiny woman we needed to order an extra petite, but chairs range from extra petite to grande (large) so they have ones for midget-ey people like moi, to giants (like the bfg)

They are customer made to your requirements/needs (eg. I’ve opted not to get the wooden hand rests removed as my arms are quite short so I don’t really need them)

As they are made by the design chosen when order placed so my personal order size etc should be ready in 4 – 6 weeks. VERY predictably I chose it to be produced in a grey colour too! …coming up in a future blog – the results..!