Day 10


Day 10

The first place you’ll go when lockdown is over.

My granny’s house. My grandparents looked after me every day from I was like 1 until I was like 13/14 so the bond is special. Apart from the period of time I was in hospital due to brain injury and obviously couldn’t leave when I wanted this is the longest time I’ve not just been able to call and see them. It’s hard to be restricted once again now I’m out of hospital but I know it’s for the best I can’t just call and see my grandparents at the minute, my granny 87 (tomorrow is her 87 birthday!) and pop is 95 next month so don’t want to put them at risk by going to see them. But it’s hard.

Yeah that’s where I can NOT wait to go when lockdown has passed. My grandparents. My heart has been there for the last 28 years and that’s where it belongs.