Shaken me to the literal core.

This TBI came crashing into my life like an earthquake: violent, destructive and uninvited. It has left my personal landscape altered beyond all recognition. But this quote reminds me too that earthquakes are merely the echoes of a bigger process, one that thrusts mountains up from the Earth. So, whilst this TBI earthquake might have […]

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Start of norm!

Due to this home isolation period every one is on lockdown. So Physio has stopped for the foreseeable future. I suppose as much as I give off about robo/dad and him and I are too alike so it’s like oil and water mixing, I’m actually over joyed he’s around during this period of time when […]

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Mother’s Day ❤️

Mummy ❤️ (predictable Mother’s Day post) my mum is the best to me, your mum is the best to you! It’s great cause we can all have the best! #mothersday #love #somuchlove #enoughtogoaround #❤️ I like the card I got mummy

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As we are all being careful at this time and many of us are on lockdown at home Lola and I decided to get comfortable when we #stayathome 🙂

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