Important Posture

Two photos we took in physio today. The first image is bad sitting posture the second is good sitting posture. I should always aim to be sitting well. Then hopefully that will be the ‘natural’ way for my body to sit! I’ve been to lacks on my posture so need to build it back so […]

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Pampering myself!

And why not? It’s the least you can do for number 1! Got my nails done by my marvellous friend Jennie 🙂 We decided we make a fabulous team! Jennie is amazing at the paintings nails and I’m quite good at design! New future business nails by Jenkah!

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My ‘normal’ is not the average normal. How I wish it was. What is yours? Think about everyone’s normal is totally different really, so the ‘normal’ people are the weird ones! (Just trying to make myself feel better!)

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Might be lucky for the cushioning!

I just hate that my body looks ‘perfect’ but it’s really miles from ‘perfect’. I am obviously not referring to having the perfect body by any means (massive derrière so that’s the first not prefect thing) but ‘prefect’ as in it should work totally grand! Nothing damaged or broken. I’m really struggling. Its not even […]

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When will this end?

My mood seems to be in constantly on a graph. It won’t ever settle on a flat line it always seems to dip constantly, this is a low moment. At least we are close to the weekend and can get the party started!

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I did art for BIM which I told you about before. IT’S UP! Yeooo! BIM is such a fantastic charity and being there and meeting others who understands this brain injury experience makes me remember that the sun is still there always no matter how much it doesn’t feel like it!

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