I’ve only lived in lockdown

Heard on the radio this morning the uk has been in lockdown 87 days. Which is terrible. I never would have imagined times like this. Seriously scary. Will we ever get our lives back? But it made me think about my situation. I understand we are all different and I don’t want to seem that […]

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Day 7: a beautiful view

Day 7: a beautiful view This is the view outside my bedroom window at my own house. It wouldn’t be beautiful to a lot of people but it’s beautiful to me. I hope I get my life back on track in the next year and I can move home full time.

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Day 5 positive thing

Rekindled friendship is the most positive thing that happened out of this brain injury. Though you can tell I’m my fathers daughter because we look a like I think we are too a like sometimes so before this we clashed a wee bit. He has always been involved a lot in sports so he’s very […]

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