Single leg!

As usual I’m going to report on swimming! It was great! And I had another (I think significant first!) I was standing facing the side and successfully raised my left knee! I hope this is the next thing to come I will be so happy if it arrives! Something you don’t think about but when […]

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Is this not Saturday!?

In my grannys and my wee 94 year old grandfather never fails to make me feel better for 2 reasons! 1. He is just brilliant and so sweet! 2. He makes me feel better being more mixed up than me! It’s Tuesday – which most people know. He just said ‘is it not Saturday?’He was […]

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Brave Face

Saw this put up on Facebook tonight. I never really thought about this saying before but I think that this picture describes it just right. Sometimes it takes more bravery to take it off. This is something I’m really bad at because as a society we are brought up that the ‘brave face’ is the […]

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